Quick Mount Relay Sockets

Amphenol Pcd's Quick Mount relay sockets snap mount into standard aircraft panel cutouts and eliminates all socket-to-bulkhead mounting hardware. This simplifies the installation and dramatically reducing weight and installation cost. Sockets meet the applicable performance and dimensional requirements of MIL-PRF-12883 and are compatible with MIL SPEC approved relays from any manufacture. Can be utilized in existing avionic systems with standard slotted panel cutouts.

Features & Benefits

Easy installation
A heel and toe snap-in-system allows the socket to be mounted to the panel without hardware and held securely in place

Lower installation cost
Reduction of over 45% in socket installation time due to the elimination of loose hardware

Snap-in- relay to panel mounting & pre-assembled relay hardware
Eliminates the logistical and safety issues related with loose hardware

The elimination of the mounting hardware & streamlined polyetherimide body combine to reduce the weight by 30 to 40% compared to traditional relay sockets