Enabling IOT in the Sky

To meet the needs driven by intelligent peripherals being used in today’s modern aircraft, Amphenol Pcd is pleased to announce that our Pegasus series of low cost circular connectors are capable of supporting Cat5e and Cat6a communications. With its lightweight, low cost, and EMI shielding, Pegasus is the perfect connector for seat back peripherals, in seat communications, intelligent sensors and remote avionics modules.  By using standard MilSpec 22 awg contacts, Pegasus is the ideal solution for Power Over Ethernet (POE) and USB2.0 power solutions.  Pegasus has been shown to maintain 100 ohm differential impedance, enabling wide eye diagram openings with low jitter content and suitable Insertion and Return Loss performance, suitable for:

  • 100Base-TX ( IEEE 802.3bw ), 1000Base-T ( IEEE 802.3ab ) and USB2.0
  • As well the emerging standards for: 2.5GBaseT, 5GBaseT and 100Mbs BROADR-Reach

The table below show the different configurations and protocols.  Even count configurations support the communications protocols, and odd count configurations support additional ground requirements.

As with all Pegasus parts, Panel Mount Flange, PCB Mount Jamnut or Jamnut Panel Mount configurations, are also available.

# of Positions Outside Diameter (in.) Shell Size Part Numbers Protocol
2 0.392 5 SJS830250P / 270P BROADR-Reach
3 0.392 5 SJS830210P / 230P ARINC 854
4 0.548 7 SJS704110P / 120P USB
5 0.635 8 SJS860510P / 500P
8 0.548 7 SJS830100P / 200P 100Base-TX