LDG P-Clamps

LDG P-Clamps are the result of more than 30 years of continuous Amphenol development of ovemold technology -- an engineering / manufacturing process that is a major strength of the company. Through the perfection of this technology, engineering is able to use a softer rubber for clamp cushioning, thereby reducing wear and tear on mission critical cable harnesses – all without compromising the strength and performance of the clamp itself. Specifically designed for high performance aerospace cables, such as the MT/MTL product lines, the LDG P-Clamps are easy to use, simple to maintain, and are available in 17 different sizes.

Features & Benefits

Smart Engineering/High Performance

  • Specifically designed for MILTECH transmission lines
  • Compatible with cables between 0.06 degrees - 1.65 degrees in diameter
  • Helps to ensure no interruption of data or signal transfer
  • Dedicated to pressurized and unpressurized areas
  • Smaller envelope than existing metal P-Clamps

Mechanical Design

  • Lock open & closed feature increases ease of installation & maintenance
  • Available in 17 different sizes
  • Easily recognizable labels makes inspection easy
  • Uses standard 10-32 screws

Overmold Technology

  • Over 30 years experience in overmold technology
  • Cushion will not come off or slide off
  • Each clamp able to meet wide range of diameter sizes

PEEK Polymer

  • High temperature resistance; Chemical resistance
  • Completely Non-Corrosive & Non-Conductive
  • Improved Strength & Stability
  • Withstands constant vibrations and shock loads
  • Lighter than Traditional P-Clamps by up to 40%

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