Power Bus

Power Bus 3 is a lightweight, compact and fully enclosed 3-phase, 73 amp, 1000 VAC power distribution bus for aircraft and other applications. The unique Power Bus 3 provides significant advantages in terms of size and weight reduction and strength increases over existing power bus devices. The construction features a rigid extruded poly¬etherimide channel that contains and isolates the three bus phases in individual chambers. 

Features & Benefits

  • Polyethermide Housing: Rugged environment – high chemical resistance
  • Socket Contact Retainers: Berylium Copper: Long lasting operation, non-corrosive
  • 3-phase, 73 Amp, 1000 VAC: fully enclosed for aircraft and other applications
  • Vibration, shock and thermal shock tested: rugged environment ready
  • 8 and 16 AWG contacts: Supporting power input and power distribution

Drawings & 3D Models Link