Rayzor Series

The Rayzor Series is a small and lightweight, rugged electrical connector.   Rayzor is designed for industrial or commercial applications where environmental sealing, a wide operating temperature range, resistance to vibration, high shock tolerance, and a small size is required.

Typical uses can be found in Rail Mass Transit, Transportation and Construction vehicles, and Oil & Gas markets.  Applications include low voltage / low power distribution networks, low speed control line signaling and medium data rate communications (100kbps to 480Mbs).   When you need a rugged, reliable connector on the cutting edge – Choose Rayzor!

Features & Benefits
Polyethermide (ULTEM) housings
High temperature performance, wide ranging chemical resistance, long working life, high mating cycles and smoke / toxicity / flammability conformance. Meets RMT regulatory specs for low Smoke & halogen free operation
Scoop proof, ¼ turn Bayonet style cam lock
Easy mate/unmate - with visual aids for easy assembly
Optional Wire Sealing
Unsealed for lower cost. Sealed IP67 performance for use in human interface, wet and damp applications
High Shock & Vibration tolerance
Meets rail & transport regulatory specs for continuous uninterrupted operation
Available in multiple wire gauge sizes
20 awg (7.5 amp), 16 awg (13 amp), 12 awg (23.5 amp) and mixed configurations
Multiple Styles & Configurations
Inline, Square flange, jamnut flange, oval flange, and snap in