Snap 'N Post

Adhesive Snap ‘N Posts are designed with ‘time savings’ in mind! Comprised of two parts, a neat nylon Adaptor Head, and Glass Filled Nylon Post, installers can choose between a single or double adaptor head to mount onto a pre-installed 0.75” or 1.50” post. Trim base available for areas with limited footprint.

Head Adaptors

  • Material: Neat Nylon
  • Available in Single or Double
  • Stackable in two 90° orientations
  • Arced rings covers remaining ±45° orientations

Post Adaptors

  • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Available in Single and Double stack
  • Installation Process
  • Post Adaptors pre-mounted to aircraft structure via epoxy or tape installation
  • Head Adaptors pre-attached to wire bundles
  • Head Adaptors with Bundles are “snapped” onto Post Adaptors
  • For removal of Head Adaptors, use Philips screwdriver