At Amphenol Pcd, we aim for excellence in everything we do. From the way we focus on quality, to the way we respond to our customers. From the way we market our products, to the way we design and engineer them.

Our vast selection of products serve a wide range of markets and applications – IFE and Galley, Avionic Control, Power Distribution, Soldier Communication, Weapon Systems, and LED/lighting – to name a few. If there’s a requirement, we have a solution.

Amphenol Pcd’s Backshells are qualified to AS85049 and provide strain relief, environmental sealing and EMI/RFI shielding.  Also RoHS compliant, they are available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and composite—and come in various finishes. Different designs (i.e. straight, 45, and 90) are available and customization is always an option.

Amphenol Pcd’s Cable Solutions division is the value-added division at Amphenol Corporation supporting Military, Aerospace, Commercial, Medical, and Industrial Cable Assemblies.  This facility is both ISO 9001and AS9100 certified. The facility is ITAR registered and comes with a work force averaging ten years of manufacturing experience.

Amphenol Pcd offers a varying range of Circular Connectors – Bulldog, MFM Simplex, Terrapin, and APeX Galley Connector, Circular. Bulldog, IP68 rated and RoHS compliant was specifically designed for harsh environment applications.  MFM Simplex, a Fiber Optic range, has been specifically designed to operate in semi-harsh environments.  Terrapin, a series of push-pull and latch connectors has superior EMI performance and is IP68 rated. Our APeX Galley Connector, Circular is a new product designed specifically for aircraft galley applications. It is intermateable and interchangeable with other circular galley connectors in the marketplace.

Amphenol Pcd’s Junction Modules are the core of our business. Series I Terminal Junction Modules and Series II Socket Junction Modules are robust, reliable and performs to M81714 electrical and mechanical standards. Series I uses standard M39029/1 pin contacts. Series II uses M39029/22 socket contacts. Both accommodate 12-26 AWG wires. Mounting rail and installation/termination accessories and customization available.

The Luminus Series are small, cost-effective connectors that are highly reliable and simple to use.  With multiple options to choose from, they meet MIL-T-81714 specifications, use AS39029 contacts, and are environmentally-sealed.  Ideal for where space is limited, these innovative connectors feature a locking mechanism ensuring stability and are suitable for blind-mating.  Pegasus Series offers the same convenience and weight savings as the Luminus Series, with the added benefit of EMI shielding and protection from ambient noise transients.

Amphenol Pcd has two types of Military Audio/Power connectors – Power Connector 55181 & Audio Connector 55116 (164 Series). Mil qualified to MIL-DTL-55181, Amphenol’s power connectors are designed with a center lock coupling screw that enables the connector to withstand high shock and vibrations. They are also engineered with a waterproof and polarized design. Amphenol’s 164 Series audio connectors are Mil qualified to MIL-C-55116, approved to the Indian Defense Standard Joint Services Specification JSS 50831 – which is certified by the Electronic Components Standardization Organization (LCSO), Bangalore, India. These connectors are intermateable with other MIL-C-55116 products in the market, are water resistant, and highly reliable.

Amphenol Pcd’s Relay Sockets are qualified to MIl-PRF-12883 specifications and have an amp range between 2 and 25. Offered in various types and configurations, they feature state of the art ultrasonically bonded interfaces between the dielectric components, eliminating air paths and providing protection against moisture and degradation. Our Quick Mount Relay Sockets snap into standard aircraft panel cutouts eliminating the need of mounting hardware. This simplifies installation and dramatically reduces weight and installation time. They meet the performance of MIL-PRF-12883 and are compatible with MIL-SPEC approved relays.

Our Rugged Solutions feature a variety of configurations – Ethernet, RJ45, USB 2.0 & 3.0, Memory flash drives, Network switches, and µCom-10Gb+ Series (MicroCom) – in many different formats, styles and plating’s.  Our Rugged Solutions product line offers a solution for every harsh environment application.  All connector solutions provide an IP68 seal, tool less assembly, and are in-field installable in 30 seconds.

Amphenol Pcd offers two types of SIM products - SIM Mono-Module Connectors (ARINC 809) & SIM Connectors (EN4165)

SIM Mono-Module Connectors (ARINC 809) is a single module, push-pull connector that is ideal for inflight entertainment systems, cabin service systems, and other interconnect system requirements; SIM Connectors (EN4165) is a modular, multi-functional rectangular connector geared at the US Com-Air and Military markets. Comprised of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution for advanced signal and power requirements – all at a fraction of the space typically required for the same results.

Amphenol Pcd’s System Attachments are designed to secure, guide and manage cable harnesses through aircraft and vehicles. They are engineered with strength, stability and weight reduction in mind. Designed for lean manufacturing, our cable and pipe supports are rugged – able to withstand high vibration and shock, and non-conductive/non-corrosive – able to withstand many harsh environments. Based on the requirement, there are many styles and materials to choose from.

At Amphenol Pcd we’ll always continue our aim for excellence. We’ll do this to bring our customers the best products and services possible – to help them bring the same to theirs.